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Our Experiences



Japanese Traditional Ju-Jitsu is a unique discipline that brings together mental and physical fitness with self-mastery. 

In our classes our instructors will guide kids through their training process helping them to achieve the uppermost levels in Ju-Jitsu.


CurAik Martial Arts provides group classes which are suitable for first-time beginners and intermediates and we are based in Sheffield in different locations.


 We focus on setting a foundation of basic techniques such as correct hand and foot movements, balance, blocks and parries, safe falling techniques, and much more which can be built upon every session.


We have exercised our techniques in the following activities:


• Teaching Children at the After School Club at SADACCA (Sheffield and District Afro Caribbean Community Association)

• One-to-One private tuition sessions in Ju-Jitsu & Grappling

• Basic & Advanced Ju-Jitsu, Castle College

• Teaching middle & secondary schools – Various

• Teaching Children at Wisewood middle & secondary school

• Teaching Children at Carfield school

• Teaching Children at Woodseats School

• Teaching Children at high Storrs School

• Teaching Children at Parkhill Middle School

• Teaching Children at Meersbrook School

• Teaching Children at King Ecgbert School

• Teaching Children at All Saints School

• Used To Teaching Children at The Firth Park Community Arts College After School Club

• Teaching Children & Adults at Woodseats Methodist church

• Teaching Children & Adults at Graves Tennis Leisure Centre

• Teaching Women’s Self-Defence at Stannington College 10wk course

• Teaching Women’s Self-Defence The Firth Park Community Arts College 10wk course

• Use to Teach Adults Grappling at Andy Marlows Boxing &Thai Boxing Club Woodseats

• Performing demo’s for various clubs teaching Grappling and Ju Jitsu

• Used to Teach Restraint Techniques on the door course – As an approved Teacher by the N.C.F.E. – (Northern Council for Further Education)

• Worked in Security on the Doors and as a head door supervisor for 17.5yrs




• Qualified Close Protection Officer (Body Guard)
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