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My little martial arts bio.


At the age of 12 I was introduced to self defence and martial arts by my older brother

Specifically, Shotokan karate.

Through informal practice my interest grew by watching Bruce Lee as a 16 year old.  But my 1st formal steps into martial arts was as a young 20 year-old practicing Lau Gar Kung Fu .. thereafter there was a break of a few years unti age 30 when I returned to study martial arts seeking for the way that would best suit me

I went back to study Lau Gar then opened my learning by studying ninjutsu thereafter I found myself most comfortable studying Ju Jitsu along with Brian Aiken at Castle Ju Jitsu at Castle College.

I must say an important thing here.. ( during my travels through the martial arts world I have discovered that more importantly than the formal martial arts method is the *martial arts instructor*

It is very very important to find an instructor that will help you along your self defence journey and life journey who will enhance positive aspects of health, confidence and self defence *without turning you into a violent aggressive person..

This is how I have ended up training alongside Sensei Brian Aiken for the past 20 years 

His skills are suberb whilst at the same time he has much patience and has a relaxed pleasant way of passing on knowledge thoroughly..

Give our classes a try, maybe you will find that it is just the right class for you or your family...

 Sensei Dawud  (David Currie)

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