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Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires a child to execute techniques that contain many small details.  Learning  to perform these techniques develops the childs fine motor skills and teaches them a good understanding of base and balance.  This develops in the child strong neuromuscular connections and increases coordination and balance.  These skills then spill over to other sports and activities in their lives and aids in making them more successful not just in Jiu Jitsu but in everyday life.


BJJ will give your child a REAL means of self-defence.  Bullying is on the rise and a real concern in all schools.  Jiu Jitsu will give your child more confidence and that is the #1 bully deterent.  Bullies don't want to pick on confident children, they want easy prey.  But besides being confident, they will have the tools to physically defend themselves through hours on the mats spent training real situations and how to deal with them using BJJ.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes children will meet many new friends and share common experiences like drilling techniques, playing games, and live rolling.  It's also a great way for kids to learn to communicate with other kids of all ages, as well as authority figures like the instructors and assistant instructors.  You will get to see your child grow and learn with new friends that they met in BJJ class and keep these friends for a lifetime.

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