Ashley started training at 13.5 years old as he was bullied at school.


He shocked me by saying he got strangled unconscious from behind and woke up on the ground.

I was so upset such a thing could happen at school.   I began to see he was serious so I took him underneath my wings.


Ashley loved Ju-Jitsu and trained very hard and attended every class.

Ashley skipped, stretched, used medicine balls to increase his fitness and strength with losing weight.


Ashley was beginning to advance very fast he attended the adults Grappling classes.

It got to a point where Ashley was giving the adults a hard time.


Ashley did his work experience with me assisting with my 121 classes,  sparring, grappling and stretching making him into a good intructor.

Ashley started to assist with teaching the kids classes and ended up having his own keys to the club.    With this great opportunity he could  train whenever he wanted to.

At the age of 16 years old Ashley experienced amateur Cage Fighting.  His confidence and skill was amazing to where he came from.

Ashley became a head door supervisor in the city center for 5 years.

Ashley is a close friend and like family to me and will hopefully be back training and teaching in the near future.